so. this comes from a no on prop 19 site.

1. Proposition 19 isn’t really legalization. It only allows possession of up to one ounce of cannabis. Under current California law, an ounce or less of pot is a simple civil infraction — you CAN’T be arrested, you DON’T go to court, and you WON’T get a criminal record. Prop 19 doesn’t make any improvements to decriminalization or prop 215. (yes, illegal activites will get you a criminal record.)

2. Prop 19 creates several new cannabis related crimes with extremely severe penalties. Don’t pass a joint to a 17 year old, you will be looking at a max of 7 years in state prison, seriously. (actually the law states that the max is 5 years, and only refers to businesses, not individuals.,_the_Marijuana_Legalization_Initiative_%282010%29 )

3. Prop 19 is solely designed to allow large scale cannabis production by politically connected corporations. Oakland has already started the process to license a Prop 19 Cartel mega-grow. (um i believe that the proposition lets me grow my own, so the word "solely" is probably not your best bet here.)

4. Most legal experts agree that Prop 19 is poorly written and will leave police and judges to enforce it at their discretion. For example, consuming cannabis would be illegal in the same "space" as a minor. Police and judges are free to interpret the word "space" to mean the same room, house, or entire apartment complex. (actually its only when minors are present, and i believe to be present you must at least be in the same room.)

5. There is no need to rush into a law that will be difficult to change. There are better full legalization laws, including one set to be on the ballot in 2012. (well i dont want to wait two more years for a law i could have next month, and you dont have any links. how convenient.)

6. Prop 19 will lead to the walmartization of the cannabis industry. And unfortunately, this will result in lower quality and fixed prices. Limited competition and government control will allow large scale growers to determine prices and dictate quality standards. (its not likely that cannabis will get "worse" as time goes on.)

7. Local governments will control the taxation, production, and distribution of cannabis. This is a touchy political issue; most local politicians won’t risk a backlash by allowing dispensaries in their city. This means many people will have to travel long distances or break the law to purchase cannabis. (again, i can grow my own, but traveling all the way to my back yard may be difficult.)

8. Prop 19 will likely supersede prop 215, adversely affecting medical cannabis users by dictating grow size, possession amount, patient to patient sales, and location of use. (um no, the law states that patients will still have patient status and will not be forced to follow prop 19's recreational use because they need it for medicine and restriciting someones medicinal amounts is unconstitutional.)

9. Unbiased cannabis activists do NOT support Prop 19. This includes the late Jack Herer and the co-author of prop 215, Dennis Peron.(thats their right as americans)

10. The federal government has decided to not prosecute medical cannabis users. This will not be the case if Prop 19 passes. Many people believe that the passage of Prop 19 will bring an aggressive response from the feds, perhaps putting medical users at risk of losing access to medicine. (medicinal users will still be medicinal users unless they choose to give up their licence.)

thus is the life of bob parshall


- This is a mega-meme: it's the union between a PICSPAM and a FANMIX. IT'S YOUR LIFE, BB!

- You have to choose the actors who will play: (btw, I have no idea how any of these work in any universe)

~ Yourself alias the main character:
i am so kurt from glee.

~ The true love:
ian somerhalder is just a hot ass.

~ The "mistake":
this is the biggest truth ever.

~ The true love's best friend:
pink would be the most badass friend ever.

~ The rival:
fuck hermione granger. bitch.

~ Mom:
my mom without drugs was roseanne barr

~ Dad:
i just want to be half-blood really. but he would be a cool dad i guess.

~ Sister/brother:
cause i think shes slightly funny and id get to beat her ass when shes annoying.

~ The Best Friend

~ The Best Gay Friend:
i win.

~ The pet:
hes so cuuuutteee!

~ The city:
Vancouver, Washington FTW!

- And now you have to choose YOUR PERSONAL SOUNDTRACK, of course:

~ Opening credits:
marvin gaye- whats goin on

~ Falling in love:
Amy Adams- thats how you know
....dont judge

~ The Kiss:
yeal naim- new soul

~ Sex:
mariah carey- touch my body

follow the link. the lol'z are worth your time.

~ The break up:

~ The psychological breakdown:
ying yang twins- get it

~ Shopping with friends:
cyndi lauper- girls just wanna have fun
(but only the body acoustic version)...for shopping purposes.

~ The getting back together:
pink- u+ur hand
i dont do, second chances.

~ End Credits:
paramore- fences
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So ive been on this tattoo kick or something for like the past couple days. and i wanted all of us to go get a tattoo. like the same tattoo on the same spot on our body. i think it would be fun and a cool thing to do. and since were broke. its gonna have to be small.

i personally would like this. Its a celtic triquetra, at its most basic it means unity and sisterhood. I CAN BE A SISTER if i wanna be!
triquetra Pictures, Images and Photos

and im thinking that the ankle would be prime real estate.

i want your opinions and whatever.

feel free to picspam other ideas for tattoos if youd like.

life as of now

-im too lazy, something needs to change in my ambition and drive area.
-i feel fat because im lazy.
-i love my puppy but hes a little asshole.
-i want to make more money.
-im going after your job thomas, soon as your on your way to texas.
-i need to move out with matt.
-so done with aunt carries kids. done.
-bud wont walk on his leash he hates it.
-i feel like im doing too many drugs and not doing enough with my life.
-i cant wait for eddies party.
-im trying to save money to go to magic mountain with matt. but i suck at saving.
-im too far away from everybody
-i feel like im a dollar tree when i want to be a dolche+gabana.
-glee is on tomorrow. ;D

stixys party 09

I would like to start this blog off with a Fuck Yeah!

The funtimes that ensued were the craziest yet. i think that we have hit the peak of where we needed to go. i was actually kinda concerned for the health of some people. they were throwing up hardcore and i think chris forgot his name. it was very fun thank you stephanie, i just hope its a teensy bit less fun next time if you know what i mean. people do not need to be having orgies. but omg the asians spiked my drank fo sho last night. i didnt know what the fuck was going on. i was fucked up and down then sideways. ashley made out with your recliner, crystal crawled across the floor singing paparazzi, you went to lil ceasars lookin like a chola, eddie... was eddie even there i remember him being there but i dont remember talking to him, and veronica DONT GET ME STARTED ON THAT FUCKED UP BITCH! she had a permasmile. matt puked hellllllla :( and chris bumped and grinded with me and everyone else. scarlett spilled drank on her baby and somebody touched seans testicles. all in all a very fun event. we should do it again with less naked putas in your room stephanie.

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so i just had the most epic fucking dream

well according to bob standards.

the dream started with me waking up on a hay mattress, you would think that i would think something fishy was going on, nope. well i got up and put on one of my rucksack textured tunics out of my dresser. went down to the family room and had some oatmeal and then said i was going off to town to look for work and that i would be back in a couple days. i went backupstairs and gathered my things and set off saying goodbye to my family (who i dont recognize). while walking down the merchants path to town two guys on horses come and take all my shit.(im like internally wtfing by now) fucking in the middle of nowhere with no shit i decide walking near the path through the forest would be a good idea (not a good idea). so im climing over moss covered rocks and through bushes and shit. i come out of a bush face to face with a bear. so i take the fuck off jumping over rocks and dodging around trees and shit. the bear gave up chasing me after awhile and i crawl under a rock and pass the hell out. when i wake up my legs are covered in ants (i fucking hate ants) so i run and splash into a nearby creek and try and wash them off. now im wet, alone, bitten by ants and still have like half a days walk left. fortunately the rest of my trip is uneventful. when i get to town im starving, but i have no money. while wandering around for a job i see a small man steal the coin purse from a fat ass lady, so i go around a corner and wait for him. when he comes running by i snatch him by the neck and throw him into the alley im in. we fight for a couple minutes and when he realizes he cant win he drops the money and runs. i pick it up and on my way back to the lady i decide to keep it. i earned it for saving it from the thief (this is the only thing i would actually do in this whole dream). i go eat,and take a bath, purchase a room for the night and set out for work but this too is damned because everyone needs no help. i was going to put back the money i used into the womans purse and return it too her but it looks like i would need it now. i go buy a horse and tackle and set off for the next city. luckily i had the horse or it would have been a three days walk and with the horse it was only a little over a half a days ride. when i get to the new town i find an apprenticeship with the stabler the man who stables the kings horses.(then there was like a hazy period of boring) and three years later the kings daughter falls in love with me.(this is some faggoty ass fairy tale shit) she convinces the king to let us marry because she said she would kill herself if he made her marry someone else. so time goes on and im a crowned prince the king dies and cassandra and i take the throne. we had two kids one boy one girl, cassandra poisons me 10 years later because shes in love with someone else.


i need to stop playing dnd and reading fantasy novels.

bob's birthday extravaganza

Pillows Pictures, Images and Photos
pillows of your choice. the more the merrier.

Turtle Bay blanket Pictures, Images and Photos
a blanket to snuggle up with!

Pajamas Pictures, Images and Photos
PAJAMAS!! its preferred that you keep them on the whole time your here.

Frangelico Pictures, Images and Photos
if you are so inclined. there will be hot chocolate.

its slumber party themed, but you are not required to slumber. in fact you dont even have to stay the night! but if you do happen to spend the night WHO CARES! not me ill be havin a good time!


also the party will take place at my residence in the shithole known as riverbank.

im not payin for this party! NOT ONCE NOT NEVER! byobb (BRING YO OWN BOOZE BITCHES!)

signed beb.

birthday ideas

so this is a brainstorming post. a post in which to find an idea for my birthday which is cheap(or possibly even free).

here are my ideas/qualms:

-tranny party (but only if everyone is dressed up/not dressed up, not comin in)
-blacklight party (i dont have a black light, or white sheets)
-inside out party (wear your clothes inside out) (lamest idea ever)
-pillow party (pajamas, pillows, blankets/ everyone all nesty and chillin in my gigantic living room with hellza pillows and comfy blankets. this is my favorite idea)

add any ideas or comments you guys have here --.
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meh meh meh

The finale of Trueblood was fail. I am very irritated about it actually, i know its just a show but the only good part about it was that bill gets choked out by a silver chain for .5 seconds.

anyways on to other matters.

as soon as i get my unemployment(failures at life ftw!)im going to school. so hopefully thats soon. i need help thinking of a decent idea for my birthday party. all i can think of is lame ideas. like covering an entire room with white sheets and putting up my blue light. hella lame i know. OMG! AND ENTIRELY WHITE ROOM WITH A BLACK LIGHT. thank you livejournal. but still theres the matter of what food and whether or not i want it to be a drinking party. alcohol is starting to get on my nerves. drunk asses are getting old and puke is too consistent in my life.

heroes countdown: 6 days
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AHHHHHHHHHHHH!! omg i cant wait for heroes season 4!!!!!! freakin shits gonna go down and im gonna wring my hands together in excitement and malicious intent. i miss that show so hard, its a bit of a bitch but i still love it. i dont care if im a geek! CHASTISE ME IF YOU WILL! but im excited. 11 DAYSSSSS!@!!! oh yes edwardo you are coming over and were drinking the six pack of martinellis i bought yesterday.
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